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New Version - Stainless Steel Kickstand
We design center in July 2011 issued the world's first Birdy folding bike hidden spring kickstand.
This kickstand design is completely aesthetic design, lightweight products, the safety of the structure needs to be developed.
Finally, these kickstand first used in Birdy folding bike it leads the several breakthrough design of the bicycle market.
First of all, hidden spring design: This design was able to show the simple beauty, and to avoid exposed spring folders in hand, the accumulated dust, oversized shortcomings.
Second, it is embedded design: the installation does not require any tools and screws, in five seconds, you can close the fixed installation will not be shaken.
Third, lightweight design: Kickstand only about 100 grams, the bracket shaft with stainless steel design, long-term use will not loose and skew.
Fourth, is the design of special angle: the angle of the curve, choose the most suitable tension spring after various testing and sampling; This design prevents parking, the car was moving and dumping, and to spring backthe power of the bomb.
Fifth, is the use of CNC Stainless axis: This is the most important, but also the development of the most difficult tasks in this bracket, it needs to be able to withstand the weight of the car and the extra strength, without variable relaxation.
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