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"Magic Point" has been designed to slow the rear shock rebound too fast shortcomings.
"Magic Point" this delicate design, they are free to replace the shock absorber firmness; PU is a very good buffer material, generally applied to the use of industrial machinery. Looking at most of the folding design is Use it. It has a slow rebound advantage, it is a very good comfortable feeling. but feeling sporting control, as long as you can get the spring into PU feel you want. It does not single-use spring rebound was too fast Shortcomings. especially if the road surface uneven, that feeling is even more evident.

PU + Spring combination of design, both hard and soft style, comfort and sport mode.
The PU into the CNC computer cutting aluminum alloy body, this body provides the PU space for activities, and the formation of the shock absorber damping effect. The functional design process created a comfortable ride feel. At the same time will join the spring (We call it "Magic Point" design), using a spring force of the hardness and rebound, then the contact with the frame screws, but you can never get to feel. a little idea of ​​the design, Can show our intentions.

Weighing only 50 grams of lightweight design, and Anodized processing
In addition to improving and strengthening the original structure after the shock, the lightweight design is the consideration of any products we develop one. Multi-S rear shock weighs only 39 grams (including spring about 50g), the installation does not need any tools Can be directly set into. only 33mm in diameter can also be used in a bicycle rack installed load. The rear suspension design is the focus of both the two kinds of effect, and also meet the economic benefits.

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