ImperiumCycle Designer Co., Ltd. 的負責人兼設計師,Wu Chao Huang 先生,曾任就於Philips Taiwan及Bosch Taiwan..等全球知名的企業有13年的時間,負責整個區域性的市場及行銷經理,目前個人擁有5項的專利發明及設計符。

運動休閒是他最喜愛的項目,2008年他買了Birdy折疊車,當他騎出去後,從腦海裡第一時間所浮現的,是整個市場需要這台車;而這台車需要有好的零配件,才能發揮到更好的騎程效能。之後他放棄了13年在外商服務的機會,先成立的ImperiumCycle Designer 工作室,於2010年正式成立這家公司

為了研發設計改裝的配件,他陸續的測試騎程各大知名品牌的折疊車。如: Dahon, KHS, Brompton, Carryme, Tern, Alex Moulton.. 等。並且開發一些週邊的零件,得到相當的迴響及支持 Multi-S 是我們公司閞發的品牌,Birdy 折疊車專用的油壓避震系統是一個最具代表的產品,目前主要的業務是OEM及ODM及自己Multi-S品牌的銷售。

Chris Wu, the owner and designer of ImperiumCycle Designer Co., Ltd., had an extensive career as a regional market executive with global companies such as Philips, Bosch, for 13 years.

Recreational sports are his passion. He bought his first Birdy in 2008. The instant he rode on Birdy, he realized it was the bike the market needed, and with better parts, this bike could fully achieve its potential. He first started ImperiumCycle Designer studio to explore his ideas on improvements, and eventually it grew into a company in 2010. Chris ended his long marketing career to concentrate on product development. He currently holds 5 bicycle parts patents.

In order to do research for developing new parts, Chris has test ridden folding bikes of well-known brands such as Dahon, KHS, Brompton, Carryme, Tern, Alex Moulton, and etc., and the parts he designed have received good reviews and support from users. Multi-S is a brand created by ImperiumCycle Designer Co., Ltd., and the top-class hydraulic suspension for Birdy is the brand’s star product.

The main scope of business for ImperiumCycle Designer Co., Ltd. is OEM, ODM, and the sales of its own Multi-S brand products.
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